Track record: SchahlLED


Company description

SchahlLED is a turnkey provider of intelligent LED lighting solutions for industrial customers in the DACH region. The company conceptualizes projects, sells lighting systems, oversees installation and assists in software integration and data analysis. As the pioneer in intelligent radio-controlled lighting systems for industrial applications in DACH, SchahlLED has accumulated 7 years and several hundred projects of expertise. The cutting edge intelligent LED solutions save up to 95% of energy costs versus traditional lighting as well as significant energy savings versus regular LED and are used among others in production facilities, warehouses, parking garages and cold storages.

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Value creation Active Capital Company

Active Capital Company is actively committed to SchahlLED supporting the company’s founders in expanding the business. Examples of initiatives that we have defined together with management are,

  • Expand geographically through a buy-and-build strategy and further market penetrate DACH region to create pan-European Intelligent LED market leader
  • Optimise business model by accelerating transition towards a data-driven recurring revenues model
  • Invest in cutting edge Intelligent LED solutions for industrial applications and roll-out LaaS (Lighting as a Service)

Next to autonomous growth the founders and ACC see opportunities in the market to grow by acquisitions further strengthening SchahlLED´s position.