Track record: Lumat


Description Lumat

Lumat is a leading distributor of high tenacity yarns, such as Polyester, Polyamide, Aramid and Synthetic continuous filament yarns that are used in ropes, strappings and fabrics. Over the last twenty years, Lumat has become the principal distributor of industrial yarns in Europe, Africa and the Americas. The company yearly serves over a thousand customers through its network of branch offices and warehouses that are strategically placed over three continents. With sales of € 60m, Lumat is market leader in its core markets and optimally positioned to benefit from the strong growth in the market for premium yarns, such as HMPE and Aramids.

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Investment Rationale

Lumat is the only distributor in high end synthetic yarns with a global footprint, however with a specific focus on the Americas and Europe. A fragmented competitive landscape gives Lumat a sustainable competitive advantage due to its global footprint. These characteristics, the worldwide growing demand of synthetic yarns and fibers, and Lumat’s proven ability to identify and act on trends make Lumat well positioned to realise its growth potential. We expect to further accelerate growth through a combination of strategic focus on premium yarns, geographical expansion, roll-out of warehouses strategically located near customers and selected bolt-on (horizontal and vertical) acquisitions.