Track record: BMT Mercury Technology



Company description

BMT Mercury Technology (BMT) was founded in 1991 by Roeland Begemann. BMT specializes in the purification, treatment and recycling of mercury and NORM (Natural Occurring Radioactive Material) contaminated waste streams produced in the gas, chlorine and recycling industries. BMT has two facilities where the waste is processed by vacuum distillation: in Farmsum (The Netherlands) and Bangpoo (Thailand). Customers are primarily major oil and gas companies from Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.


Investment rationale

Due to the increasing demand for gas and growing awareness of environmental issues and stricter regulations, the demand for sustainable solutions for waste containing mercury is increasing worldwide. BMT has responded to these trends by opening a factory in Thailand from where the regional gas industry can be served. In other regions (Asia and Oceania) there is a growing demand for similar waste treatment solutions as well. Active Capital Company sees opportunities - together with management - to open additional offices in these regions.

For this investment Active Capital Company co-invests with E-Capital from Belgium.
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Value Creation by Active Capital Company

BMT Mercury Technology has undergone an explosive growth led by its founder in recent years. Active Capital Company has contributed to the company by further professionalizing the processes and company structure. Second priority is to make use of the current capacity by attracting additional volumes. The third priority is to develop plans to expand the regional footprint of BMT Mercury Technology. Lastly, investments are made in the development of new products and services

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"They are young, energetic and able to creatively identify technical and commercial oppertunities." CEO - BMT