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Founded in 1947, Arnold Suhr has grown to become a global trading house with offices throughout the world. Important product groups are quinine,  Joproductgroepen zijn kinine, iodine and a variery of sport nutrient inggredients. Arnold Suhr counts large soft drink producers and pharmaceutical companies among its clients. In addition to its trading activities Arnold Suhr has several strategic joint ventures with suppliers. The revenue of Arnold Suhr is c. € 40 million annually and the company has c. 20 employees.

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Investment rationale

Arnold Suhr has an outstanding reputation due to its specialist knowledge, extensive network in its end markets and its relationship driven long term trading activities. By futher increasing its focus in our product portfolio the organisation is well positioned for furher growth. Arnold Suhr aims to further strenghten its position in the global market for quinine by capturing a larger share of the value chain by taking strategic stakes in production companies, joint ventures with suppliers as well as starting greenfield production facilities. In addition the company has shown significant growth in the Sports Nutrition segment, a segment in which Arnold Suhr will be able to obtain a leading position in the European market in the upcoming years.