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Amphitec designs, manufactures and brings to market high-end mobile vacuum installations for both dry and liquid products, applicable for the industrial cleaning industry, roof gravel blowing and ground suction market.  These installations are built on trucks, trailers or in containers, both for suction, transportation and blowing dry product and liquids. The company has developed since its foundation to a competitive player in its relevant markets, serving its customers both via direct sales as via a dealer network. Amphitec is founded in 2001 by two entrepreneurs, is located in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and has a team of about 50 employees.

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Investment rational

With a strong management team and an attractive market position, Active Capital Company has confidence that Amphitec is attractively positioned for further expansion in the European market. Next we find Amphitec able to develop new high-end solutions, enabling the company to growth into new markets as well.  

Recently Amphitec brought to market a new ground sucking solution, being an example of the company’s development capacity. This solution is becoming increasingly attractive since it replaces solutions like the traditional excavator. Using this technique risk for damaging any pipes or cables is mitigated, predominantly relevant for industrial sites and urban areas, but also used to clean polluted sites.

Value creation Active Capital Company

Active Capital Company is actively committed to Amphitec supporting the company’s founders in expanding its business to become a European market leader in vacuum solutions. Examples of initiatives that we have defined together with management are,

  • Strategy: jointly develop a market view and convert this into tangible commercial and operational goals and assess what is required to realize our ambitions
  • Organization: modify the organizational structure enabling sustainable growth
  • Finance: improve financial control, a.o. working capital position and cash planning
  • Business control: improve insight in meeting delivery times
  • International expansion: expand and professionalize the European dealer network
  • After sales: form a after sales team improving our customer service for maintenance and calamities

Next to autonomous growth the founders and ACC see opportunities in the market to grow by acquisitions further strengthening Amphitec´s position.


"With Active Capital Company we believe to have found the partner that will help us grow our business the coming years" Managing Director - Amphitec