The Active approach

1. Pre deal (2-12 weeks)

  • Active deal sourcing through our extensive network
  • Quick diagnostic based on strict investment criteria
  • Develop business plan together with seller/management
  • Strive towards a good solution for the seller

2. Post deal (4-24 months)

  • Improve cash flow bij creating liquidity planning
  • Reduce working capital by inventory management, proactive debtor management and setting up payment agreements with creditors
  • Support sales with market analyses, product- and segment focus and preperation of sales pitches
  • Increase margin by improving price calculation, leveraging buying volume and limit write-offs on old stock
  • Cut unnecessary spending and decrease costs
  • Strengthen the organization where needed
  • Improve administration by setting-up management reporting and IT-systems

3. Long term (2-5 years)

  • Develop strategic plan together with management
  • Push development of selected market segments, regions and sales channels
  • Close additional takeovers (buy-and-build)
  • Through exit planning and proactive approach of potential buyers