Active Capital Company’s sustainable returns for its stakeholders are based on three value drivers:

1) Deal sourcing and execution

Active Capital Company focuses on temporary undervalued companies with strong growth potential. We only invest in companies where we can truly add value through the combination of supply of new capital and our hands-on involvement. We work together with the seller to realize a deal which is attractive for both parties and often the selling party re-invests a part of the proceeds.

Already during the acquisition process we develop a growth plan together with the seller. This way Active Capital Company contributes to the preservation and growth of employment at the companies she invests in

2) Performance improvement

After an acquisition we take a temporary position in the management and, if necessary, we take over part of the management responsibilities. We implement structural changes to increase profitability, reduce working capital and improve cash flow. If required we invest in the organization and personnel. To realise the above we are actively involved in our portfolio companies for four days a week

3) Revenue growth

Together with the management we develop a strategy to realize long-term growth for the company. We provide focus, set priorities and choose the market segments and regions we want to grow in. To realise additional sales growth we actively look for interesting add-on acquisitions fitting our strategy