Corporate Responsibility

Timbo Africa Foundation

Timbo Foundation is committed to protect the wildlife in Africa by creating corridors between the various existing natural areas so that the migration of wildlife becomes possible. In addition, she tries to involve the local youth through research, training and education in order to give them the opportunity for a career in nature conservation. The Foundation operates primarily in Botswana and South Africa but also raises funds directly for support of cancer research in The Netherlands.

Timbo Afrika Foundation was founded in 2009 in memorium of Tim Weerstand, a young man passionate about the protection of African wildlife who died of an aggressive form of cancer during that year. Tim was also keen to support the people involved in wildlife protection and the dangers they faced on a daily basis. Tim’s uncle is Active Capital Company’s shareholder and advisor Albert Hartog whose shared passion for African wildlife led to the setting up the Timbo Africa Foundation in commemoration of his nephew.

The first completed project of the Timbo Foundation is the Koro River Camp. This lodge is situated on the wildlife terrain in Botswana, allowing camp visitors to enjoy a unique nature and wildlife experience.

Active Capital Company contributes significantly to the Timbo Africa Foundation, both financially as well as by investing time and energy of the Active Capital Company team. Managing Partner Dick Zeldenthuis is board member of the Timbo foundation and the Active Capital Company team is involved in several projects within the Foundation.

Social Responsibility

Active Capital Company considers corporate social responsibility to go hand in hand with successful entrepreneurship. In all our investments sustainable environmental management in combination with people’s safety is paramount. This is achieved through a comprehensive workflow within each portfolio company to ensure the right principles regarding quality, safety and the environment are adhered to.